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great animation and voices

and i love the satire and how only those who are insecure get offended

but i have one question did you voice anything for major TV because the voice of the guy with the "magic" puzzle piece sounds like a cartoon i saw a while back but i can't quite place it.


it says animate a short film to the theme divide by zero

and i love this im rooting for you dave

love it hahah ? and @schizo

the way you approached the divide by zero thing was really creative and unexpected im still waiting for a the whole world explodes scenario haha

don't count elf man out Tofa isn't just about rating or score there's a lot of other stuff involved like substance, quality of animation, and one of the most important categories is originality and no offence to lazymode but all his flash was a parody of one of the most parodied movies of all time ( its up there with all theses captain falcon movies ) so don't be suprised to see him in the finals.

CyanSandwich responds:

Haha luckily no one went with the meme implosion idea.

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just stop

the games factory is not a good way to make any type good game theres not enough functions or tools in general to make a good game if you every want a quality game or a game that actual makes money from ads you need to get cs3 4 or 5 go to the collab forum and find a programmer thats the only way of you not producing crap no offence

sonicwasup responds:

i dont know action script or any of that flash crap i you should see wat people can make with it

i agree with yuka but

hee fact that a game is easy doesn't mean it loses half its score i fell this is like one of those easy game that you can play for a while and just try to beat your old score its a time waster and not meant to be difficult but you could but in the ideas he said if your planning on making a second which you should

looks like a good start

but you should make a invisible box on your buttons so that you don have to be directly on the lines to press them it pisses people off

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the guy below me is dumb

and doesn't realize that he drew this on a computer so as far as realism goes you fooled his dumb self great work i'm modeling my in game art using you style of coloring

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